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Dental insurance can be confusing to understand. Asking a few questions will provide insight on how your insurance coverage works.


When you call your insurance company, please have your policy and certificate numbers on hand.


What is the annual Maximum allowed per patient?

Basic? Major?


What is the anniversary date of the policy?

ie: calendar year or 12 consecutive months?


Is there an annual deductible?

If yes, how much?

What Fee Guide year are dental benefits paid on? (current or previous years)

Per calendar year, or every 12 consecutive months?

How many units of:

  • Scaling are covered? (code 11111)

  • Root Planing? (code 43421)

How often can you have?

Recall? (01202)

Polish? (11101)

Fluoride? (12101)

Panoramic x-ray? (02601)


Is endodontic and or periodontal treatment considered basic or major services?


What amount of the maximum has been use to date for the current year?


When was the last recall exam done?

When was the last panoramic x-ray taken?


Please help us keep you insurance information up to date by notifying us of any changes to your dental coverage.

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